Which Doll Are You?

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“When a door is closed, Push – because it might not always be locked.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“If you go through the world looking for excellence, you will find excellence. If you go through the world looking for problems, you will find problems. Or as the Arabic saying puts it, “What a piece of bread looks like depends on whether you are hungry or not”.”- Joseph O’ Connor

One Minute NLP – Backtrack Frame

Do you remember the days when you were asked to rewrite what you read in your own words? It might have seemed boring, but the activity had a definite objective: to enable recall and to establish a common understanding between you and the author.

In NLP, this concept is known as the BACKTRACK FRAME, where past information (verbal and nonverbal) is retrieved to establish and enhance a better understanding of a certain point of view.

This approach is especially useful at the start of meetings or when returning to a previous agenda. By providing a standard foundation, it ensures that everyone is on the same page.

While these are instances where we consciously apply the Backtrack Frame to our advantage, are you aware of how your subconscious mind slips into the Backtrack Frame of hurtful memories of the past that can prevent us from achieving success in the present or future?

Meta Magic – Which Doll are You?

An elderly king, wanting to pass his crown to his only son, sought to ensure the Prince understood the essence of kingship.

On the Prince’s 25th birthday, the 60-year-old King presented him with three dolls. “What? Dolls? Father, are you all right? I am not a girl, nor a child anymore,” the Prince exclaimed in surprise.

The King smiled and said, “I know, my son. But these are not ordinary dolls. They are here to teach you what it means to be a king.” Though puzzled, the Prince awaited further explanation. The King instructed him to pick up the first doll and insert a string into its ear.

The Prince complied and saw the string come out of the other ear. He looked at his father with wide, questioning eyes. “These people are the indifferent ones,” explained the King. “Whatever you tell them goes in one ear and out the other. A king should never be insensitive like this.”

Now intrigued, the Prince followed the instructions to insert a string into the second doll’s ear. This time, the string emerged from its mouth. Before he could ask, his father explained, “Such people are not trustworthy. Whatever you tell them, they cannot keep it to themselves. A king with such a flaw does not deserve the crown.”

Humbled by each revelation, the Prince picked up the third doll and inserted the string. To his surprise, the string did not come out anywhere, as if the doll was sealed in all the right places. “The King should be exactly like this,” the elderly King said. “Whatever reaches him stays within him. Not an iota is revealed. Trust is the ultimate crown a King can wear.”

The King knew his son was now ready to be crowned.

My question to you is: Which doll are you?

Hook From The Book

“Although it’s good to try new things and to keep an open mind, it’s also extremely important to stay true to who you really are.” ― Gail Honeyman, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

Movie Motivation

“Every man dies, Not every man really loves. This dialogue from the movie Braveheart is a reminder to check whether we are living our life or merely existing.

This Week’s Winning Post

7 Mindfulness Exercises

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Thoughtfully yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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