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“Unlucky are those who think about luck. Lucky are those who take action.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“It is not a matter of ends justifying means; but of the creation of new means and new ends.” – John Grinder.

One Minute NLP – Identity

“Who am I?” This question itches almost everyone at some point in their lives. A metaphorical question is recently posed in the movie ‘Laapataa Ladies’, through this dialogue: ‘Isn’t covering the face equivalent to covering your identity?’

While our face is just an outline or a superficial part of who we are, what really matters here is what colours are filled up within the outline. Each identity is made up of a kaleidoscope of different colours (thoughts, beliefs, and patterns).

The ‘Logical Levels of Change’ model in Neuro-Linguistic Programming includes IDENTITY as one of the levels. When any change is desired, it is important to examine whether your Identity supports that change or whether it will come in the way of that change.

Our identities start getting formed right since childhood. For example, a child who procrastinated once or twice gets labelled as lazy and this becomes part of his/her identity label which he/she unconsciously carries as baggage.

To get to know yourself more deeply, I invite you to take a blank piece of paper and write down all your ‘I am’ statements.  E.g., I am a mother, I am a husband, I am a brother… initially, in this exercise, you may probably come up with the various “roles” that you play. Go on further to write all the various other ‘I am’ statements that you tell yourself throughout the day, like I am creative, I am boring, I am introverted, I am lazy, I am…

We will continue discussing what to do with this awareness in a future episode of NLP Around You.

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Meta Magic – Do you have a Bird’s Eye View?

Dronacharya, the great archery teacher, once decided to test his disciples. He placed a wooden bird high on a tree and asked each student to aim for its eye.

The first disciple stepped forward, holding the bow and arrow. Dronacharya asked, “What do you see?” He replied, “I see the tree, the bird, the sky, and the leaves.” Dronacharya shook his head and asked him to step aside.

Next, the second disciple said he saw the tree, the bird, and everything around it. Dronacharya again was not satisfied. Each student gave a similar response, seeing everything around the bird.

Finally, Arjuna stepped up. When asked what he saw, Arjuna replied, “I see only the bird’s eye.”

Dronacharya’s eyes lit up with satisfaction. “And what else?” he asked.

“Nothing else,” Arjuna said firmly. “Just the bird’s eye.”

With a pleased nod, Dronacharya said, “Shoot.”

Arjuna released his arrow, hitting the target perfectly.

My question to you is: When life tests you, are you focused on the eye of your bird?

Hook From The Book

“You are not confused. You are experiencing a confusing situation. Separate the confusing situation from who you are. If you say ‘I am confused,’ you are implying the confusing situation is part of you. It is not. It is part of what you are experiencing. The answer to the confusion does not lie in the confusion itself. Rather it lies in the ability to step outside of it and see that you are experiencing it instead of it being you. The answer lies in you.” ― Najwa Zebian, Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul

Movie Motivation

“Being happy on your own is the toughest thing, Phool. But yes, once you master it, no one can bother you. This dialogue from the movie Laapataa Ladies reminds us that we are the masters of our own emotions.

This Week’s Winning Post

Self-Talk of a Perfectionist

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Thoughtfully yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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