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Dr. Mehernosh J Randeria is an illustrious NLP Master Trainer and accomplished Coach, renowned for his pioneering work in the realms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and personal development. As the Founder of W3 Success Academy, he has established himself as India’s Only Wealth Wisdom Wellness Coach, embodying a holistic approach to success that encompasses financial prosperity, wisdom, and overall well-being.

With an unwavering commitment to his mission, Dr Mehernosh J Randeria empowers individuals to transform their lives by channeling their innate potential through powerful NLP techniques. His coaching and training methodologies revolve around the Learn-Do-Teach approach, which underscores his deep passion for continuous learning and sharing knowledge.

The essence of Dr. Randeria’s coaching philosophy is encapsulated in his unique W3 coaching and training sessions. He firmly believes that true success extends beyond financial gains, encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. His diverse journey, starting as a Chartered Accountant and evolving into an ICF Accredited Coach, NLP Trainer, GTD Coach, Brainival Trainer, and much more, showcases his multifaceted expertise.

Through his certification courses, corporate workshops, executive coaching, Dr Mehernosh J Randeria empowers his clients to embark on the path of well-balanced prosperity and success.

Whether it is his training workshops or coaching interventions, his chief single-minded effort is always on client experience. He believes that every client should be able to take home something valuable and applicable immediately, ensuring an enriching experience.

Simplicity and an unassuming attitude define Mehernosh Randeria. Centered, diligent, and passionate about spreading knowledge, he has touched the lives of many. His deep expertise in wealth, wisdom, and wellness makes him the go-to W3 Coach for overall progress in life. 

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Years Experience

With his vast financial knowledge and a CFO background, creating financial awareness, imparting wealth creation techniques, and sharing insider secrets was an instinctive choice.

Being the co-trainer of the world’s first NLP-based coach training program that was accredited by ICF, Mehernosh mastered how the brain processes thoughts effectively and how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can transform lives.

Being a fitness enthusiast, he decided to learn the art and science of wellness, which play a fundamental role in enjoying a fulfilling life.

Thus, he has chosen to include these crucial elements in his W3 learning modalities.


Featured by CEO Insights among the Top 10 NLP Consultants of India

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What Makes Mehernosh The Best NLP Trainer

  • India’s First and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness (W3) Coach and Trainer
  • Certified NLP Master Trainer from Conscious Solutions NLP
  • Certified NLP Trainer from Sue Knight and Onefluencer
  • Certified NLP Trainer Member of The Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP), UK
  • Certified NLP Trainer from The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Certified Associate Trainer in Corporate and NLP Training from The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
  • Certified Corporate & NLP Trainer from Conscious Solutions NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP from Anil Dagia’s 5th Element
  • Advanced Practitioner of Gestalt Therapy from Anil Thomas and McHugh Global Learning Systems
  • Author of Research Paper published with International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Practice (IJNGP)
  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Literature in Humanity – Neuro Linguistic Programming from McStem Eduversity USA
  • 3X International Speaker at Global NLP Summit, and other international forums like RISE World Summit
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) duly accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF)

From CFO to Coach

Mehernosh Randeria’s defining moment awaited him when he enrolled for his Masters in Financial Management. During the day he was the senior executive while the evenings found him to be an ardent student attending lectures at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

While still pursuing his course, the institute offered him to deliver one of their lectures. For the first time, he realized the thrill and ecstasy of standing at the other side of the podium and enlightening students with his knowledge and ideas. To his delight, this experience continued since the institute offered him the position of a Visiting Faculty at the end of the course.

Further, Mehernosh grabbed every opportunity at his workplace to offer training, and the idea to become a trainer gradually seeded in him. During the same time, he witnessed the bleak corporate scenario of offering pink slips to employees around him. It led him to question himself about the myth of job security.

Mehernosh’s highly-active career phase involved strategizing corporate financial goals while attending various training and certification courses to widen his knowledge. At the same time, he was also getting in touch with the training fraternity and understanding the learning and development industry. Finally, in 2014, he was all ready to take the leap of faith and launched himself as a W3 Coach.

The Friendly Mehernosh

Mehernosh means ‘Immortal bond of love and friendship’. Interestingly, his personality keeps up to his name. Simple and humble, he instantly connects, captivates, and charismatically inspires people.

In almost three decades of his career, which includes 18 years in Corporate Finance, he has made innumerable lasting connections with people. In spite of holding senior leadership positions in multi-national organisations, Mehernosh has always been a people-focused person with a down-to-earth attitude.

Knowledgeable and creative, Mehernosh has a love for learning new things. The diversity of knowledge attracts him to study more thus enabling him to reach out to more and more people to uplift their collective consciousness.

Apart from being a trainer, Mehernosh has an exclusive personal space where he enjoys playing chess, watching movies, spending time with his wife and daughter, travelling, and reading.

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