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What is GTD all about? – Represented with a Mind Map

Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-free Productivity People have often asked me what is GTD all about. Getting Things Done, appropriately called as the art of stress-free productivity, conceptualised by David Allen, contains the methodology to control the flow of your life’s work. The GTD methodology is focused on the Mind, which in today’s age of information overload, is…

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The NLP Angle – “The Untold Story of MS Dhoni”

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is indeed all pervasive. Having spent almost a decade in the study of this fascinating and enchanting field of NLP, I personally find it unnatural not to relate anything around me with NLP. Even while watching the recent movie on MS Dhoni, I was constantly relating to the power of NLP in almost every scene. Some examples…

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What Coaching Really Is

This article from Blanchard International beautifully articulates what coaching really is. It is not uncommon to find people being unclear about the difference between coaching and other helping modalities like advicing and consulting. “The beauty of coaching is that it uncovers what people already know in their hearts but maybe just needed a little digging to get to.”

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Can you sleep when the wind blows?

“Can you sleep when the wind blows?” The following story circulated on the Internet – a superb metaphorical exposition of the level of preparedness. Years ago, a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic. They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the…

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