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Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a field offers a variety of tools, techniques and processes. This training focuses on using each of those tools, techniques and processes to help develop your competencies as a practitioner.

By learning NLP, you learn how to achieve the results that you have admired in others but have only been able to wish you knew how to achieve.

Learn how to transform yourself and others using the various tools and techniques of NLP.


Why Learn NLP?

NLP is one of the most cutting-edge information on the human mind available today. It has become a much sought-after professional certification. Several MBA schools across India have introduced NLP as part of their curriculum.

Organizations consider NLP as a highly desirable qualification especially if you are in the role of HR, Training or any other role requiring you to manage people directly or indirectly.

Following are some of the roles where NLP skills are highly desirable:

–           Organizational Change Management and Culture Change Management

–           People Engagement

–           Training and Development

–           Management and Senior Management

–           Sales and Marketing

–           Corporate Communications and PR

–           Media and Advertising

In the field of life and executive coaching or therapy, NLP is an invaluable skill. If you are in this field or thinking of getting into it, then you MUST have an NLP qualification. NLP has established itself as one of the most powerful behaviour change technologies using which you can help your client create long lasting and empowering change and improve your success dramatically.

Skills You Will Develop

  • Critical questioning
  • Lateral thinking and Creativity
  • Negotiation and Conflict resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Manage emotional states (self & others)
  • Persuasive communication
  • Develop the Success Attitude
  • Precision goal setting
  • Razor sharp observation skills
  • Conversational leader
  • Story telling
  • Multi Dimensional problem solving
  • Time management
  • Instantly connect with anyone and everyone


Results You Can Expect

  • Gain more social popularity
  • More power in your public speaking
  • Greater success in your profession
  • Achieve results that seemed difficult
  • Be more in control of your life
  • Fulfilment in relationships
  • Financial growth
  • Greater happiness
  • Healthier mind and body
  • Confident attitude
  • Overcome shyness and fears
  • Develop new habits
  • Attract wealth, success and fulfillment
  • More people start liking you and getting drawn to you


Benefits of Learning NLP

Learning NLP is a transformative experience and fuels self development. Apart from this, given below are some of the benefits NLP offers:

As A Manager

  • Eliminate communication gaps and barriers
  • Motivate and inspire teams to give their best
  • Identify motivation and decision strategies for each team member and customize your managing style for everyone
  • Reduce resistance and increase persuasion and influence

In Sales

  • Gain rapport, trust and confidence instantly using subconscious mechanisms
  • Induce and associate states of desirability towards your product/service
  • Objection handling using Meta Model language skills
  • Identify and utilize buying and convincing strategy of your clients

As a Trainer

  • Manage and trigger emotional states of your audience to generate the WOW effect
  • Use language which appeals to each individual in the audience
  • Learn to create multiple stories and weave them together to create a phenomenal learning experience for your audience that is enjoyable and fun
  • Disarm the “difficult participant” in your audience with simple questions In HR / OD role
  • Conflict resolution (personal and departmental)
  • Resolving decision dilemmas
  • Profiling and matching job requirements and employee characteristics


What Learning NLP Gives You

  • A way to take control of your lives and direct the course of your own destiny.
  • Communication skills.
  • Self-help and personal growth.
  • A method of learning physical skills quickly and easily.
  • Techniques for accelerated learning, removing learning disabilities.
  • Sales and persuasion techniques.
  • A way of questioning that allows you to uncover meaning from a vague communication.
  • Debating skills valuable for negotiation
  • An understanding of human subjective experience.
  • A set of presuppositions that afford a person a greatly improved quality of life.
  • A collection of skills for influencing people and changing minds
  • A way to build stronger, more rewarding relationships with all people.
  • A detailed understanding of how people learn and how to teach them.
  • Ways to improve business behaviours from leadership to conflict management to trust, responsibility and commitment.
  • Coaching skills. Helping people fulfill their dreams and aspirations
  • A way to change problematic family patterns and dysfunctional marital patterns.

The Pathway of NLP Mastery

NLP Practitioner

Equip yourself with the skills to create positive change in yourself and others.

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NLP Master Practitioner

Deep dive into your subconscious patterns and uncover the roots of belief creation.

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NLP Trainer

Spread the magic by being the magician with the powers to transform others.

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Learn from the Best NLP Trainers

Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

  • India’s First and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness (W3) Coach and Trainer
  • Certified NLP Master Trainer from Conscious Solutions NLP
  • Certified NLP Trainer from Sue Knight and Onefluencer
  • Certified NLP Trainer Member of The Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP), UK
  • Certified NLP Trainer from The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Certified Associate Trainer in Corporate and NLP Training from The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner from 5th Element
  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Literature in Humanity – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Gestalt Master
  • Author of Research Paper published with International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Practice (IJNGP)
  • 3X International Speaker at Global NLP Summit, and other international forums like RISE World Summit 2022
Pavan Bhattad

Pavan Bhattad

  • Successful Serial Entrepreneur
  • Reading Evangelist who has Re-Ignited the reading hobbies of Thousands of People
  • Influenced Thousands of people to become better learners by creating interest in reading
  • Founder of Pavan Bhattad Institute of Thinking – Asia’s only such institute specialized in Thinking
  • Founder of Knowledge & Karma
  • Trained in Speed Reading by the Coach of the World Record Holder in Speed Reading
  • Ex Referee with World Memory Championship
  • Ex Chief Referee of India’s National Memory Championship
  • India’s only Master Trainer in Mind Maps
  • Certified NLP Trainer
  • Inventor of Brainival Course on Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Techniques
  • Inventor of “My 25th Hour”
  • Inventor of “Weapons and Shields of Influence”

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