The Handpump of Abundance

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“Some solutions are like air. Invisible, but very much there. All you need to do is to inhale a little deeper.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“Outcomes ‘come out’ when we achieve them.” – Joseph O’ Connor

One Minute NLP – Sensory Language

Remember those times when you were eager to share a conversation with your friends, only to realize they were completely disengaged, their minds wandering elsewhere? Or when you read an email and none of the lines made sense? Or perhaps you picked up a book with high expectations, set aside solitary time for it, and when you opened the first page, nothing captivated you?

What is the common thread in all these situations? The answer is simple: these communications lacked spark and failed to captivate their audience.

Conversely, there are moments when you feel all eyes are transfixed on you, as if you are about to reveal the most important secret of life. Or you might have a friend or family member whose words everyone eagerly waits for because when they speak, the world listens.

There are emails that not only capture your mind but also leave a lasting impression on your heart, and we all have a list of books we couldn’t put down. So, what’s the secret sauce for captivating an audience?

The secret sauce is known as “Sensory Language.” According to NLP, if your communication – whether verbal, written, or in story form – is enriched with sensory language, the audience will feel hooked. This involves using words that bring descriptions to life by engaging all the senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. This makes your sentences come alive and your stories irresistible. Your emails will no longer fall flat, and your stories will be enchanting.

Ready to start incorporating sensory language into your communication? Simply tap into the vast resources of sensory words available online and watch the magic unfold in your conversations, emails, and stories.

Meta Magic – The Handpump of Abundance

“Is this the end of my life?” Raman asked himself, searching the empty desert for an answer. His flask was dry, his throat ached from dehydration, and hope was slipping away. Two days without water had left him weak and desperate.

Stranded with no one around, today seemed like his last day. Suddenly, he spotted a flickering image of a hut. Was it real or a mirage? He squinted and rubbed his eyes. It was real—a hut, a sign of hope. He sprinted towards it, feeling a surge of energy.

Inside, he found a hand pump. His heart lifted as he began to pump. One push, two pushes, but nothing happened. His heart sank again. Scanning the hut, he spotted a filled water bottle and heaved a sigh of relief.

He immediately uncorked the bottle, and as he brought it to his lips, he noticed a note attached to it. “Use this water to start the pump. Once you are done using the pump, don’t forget to refill the bottle before you leave.”

Raman’s mind was in turmoil. What if this was a prank? What if the pump no longer worked? Should he drink the water or use it to prime the pump? He closed his eyes, feeling a lump in his throat. Deciding to take a leap of faith, he poured the water into the pump and began pumping again.

His faith was rewarded. The pump roared to life after just two attempts. His joy knew no bounds. He drank his fill, bathed as much as he wanted, filled all his large flasks, and remembered to refill the bottle. Today felt like a rebirth for Raman.

He scanned the room again and found a pencil and a map. Grateful, he now knew where he was. “How can I show my gratitude?” he wondered.

He looked at the filled, corked bottle. Taking a piece of paper, he wrote with the pencil: “Believe me, it works. Always.”

Water in this story represents all the good things in life – something that brings a smile. It can be intangible knowledge or symbolize money, love, family, friendship, happiness, respect, or anything else you value. Whatever it is that you seek in life – that’s your water.

The water pump represents the workings of the universe. Give it some “water” to work with, and it will return far more than you put in.

My question to you is: Do you believe in a handpump of abundance?

Hook From The Book

“Men and women are both human beings. And as humans, we are by-products of our upbringings, victims of our lacklustre educational systems, and choosers of our behaviours.” ― Bonnie Garmus, Lessons In Chemistry

Movie Motivation

“Woh bach gaya kyuki maine ek chauthi fail ko underestimate karne ki galti ki thi” (translated to “He got away because I made the mistake of underestimating a 4th grade failed person.) This dialogue from the movie Drishyam 2 is a comment that formal education is not the only benchmark of intelligence.

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