Revealed: The Secret Recipe of Swishing from Mundane to Magic

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Once upon a time, Success and Motivation were next-door neighbours. Their frequent conversations gradually brewed into an affectionate friendship, and before long, they pledged their matrimonial vows to each other.

After a blissful honeymoon period, both Success and Motivation felt the lack of honey-like sweetness in their promises of loving each other till the moon and back. Disagreements swelled into intolerable arguments as neither of them was available to each other when needed the most.

One solemn evening, when Success and Motivation were considering parting ways for good, they were visited by their old friends, Consistency and Action, who reminded them that was the union of these four that once worked wonders.

The Magnificent Four rekindled their friendship. With Consistency and Action by their sides, Success and Motivation blossomed to their glories.


W3 Success Academy is gratefully and gracefully witnessing this reunion of the Magnificent Four on the release of the 50th episode of the most popular newsletter – “NLP AROUND YOU – Discover the Magic in the Mundane.Before we continue our journey further, here is a bow as a token of thanks to the family of more than 3,000 subscribers to keep our Consistency alive.

Though the journey seemed to have begun just 50 weeks ago (almost a year only), the idea of creating a newsletter had germinated six years ago, when I had even purchased a domain named For five long years, I kept ruminating about the idea in my mind, wondering whether the time was right enough, whether I was ready enough, how I would be able to come up with regular episodes, how I would be able to create or curate content each week after week, etc., etc., etc. Until one fine day when I let go of that need to have complete information before starting, and launched the first episode on 25th March 2023.


This would therefore be an appropriate moment to unpack some key realisations and learnings on Consistency while ideating, curating and writing this mind-boggling and creatively stimulating newsletter series.


1. Consistency is not about having all the information but about taking action without necessarily waiting for all the information. Success is a result of Consistency of action, and not just perpetual information gathering (which can often lead to confusion and inaction). A commonly observed limiting self-talk is “I don’t know enough, thus I can’t be consistent.” How about flipping it to “I will learn gradually by being consistent.”


2. Consistency is a softer cousin of Discipline – Discipline is often an inflexible approach towards productivity, but consistency has a shade of kindness – Kindness towards yourself. Discipline says, “I failed because I read 8 pages instead of my 10-page daily goal.” On the other hand, consistency says, “It’s okay I only read 5 pages today. Showing up is what matters.”

While discipline may require extensive systems, imbibing consistency calls for “showing up”. When you show up for what you planned for, you tell your mind that you walk your talk, and this leads to higher vibrations in the form of confidence.


3. The relationship between Motivation and Consistency is an interesting one – While motivation is the self-kick to get back on track, Consistency is the track. Motivation pushes, while consistency paves the way. Wherever motivation fails, Consistency prevails. Instead of conditional thinking like “I’ll be consistent once motivated,” shift to “I’ll be consistent, which will fuel my motivation.” 


4. Adopting the “one-brick-at-a-time” bricklayer mentality can be a game changer for consistency. Don’t dwell on building the entire mansion today – focus on laying that one brick properly. The mansion becomes attainable by placing one brick correctly each day.

Sahil Bloom shares more about this transformative mindset in his recent newsletter – The Curiosity Chronicle.


5. Consistency is the most efficient tool for aligning thoughts and embodying ideals authentically into lasting manifestations. Envisioning, vision boards, goal-setting systems, and manifestation journals are ineffective without consistent action to embody the concepts. The more consistent you become, the more it becomes an inherent part of you. Consistency is therefore an essential building block of your identity.


6. Consistency is straightforward, but the process may appear as dull as watching a plant grow. It takes patience – another name for consistency. Those who master patience can easily master the game of consistency. So, if Consistency is the door, Patience is the key.


7. Consistency is about taking small but steady steps rather than hoping to leap into bigger goals directly. Writing 100 words each day is better than writing 1000 words per week. 


8. Resilience is another vital ingredient in the recipe of Consistency. Even though consistency combines Firmness and Kindness, Resistance might still pop up. Resilience enables taking the smallest steps forward, even on resistant days.


9. Consistency allows for the occasional missed day. As long as you can resume without resistance or excuses, you can say that consistency has become part of your identity. 


10. Measure the gain, not the gap. Tracking boosts consistency by providing a rearview of how far you have come – a powerful motivator. Visually tracking consistency on a calendar stokes motivation. 


Consistency is more of a mindset than a habit. Though it may not be an explicitly taught skill in schools, consistency is reflected in school systems like daily attendance and routines, through which the practice is imbibed. It is the mindset that ensures that you are consistent in all spheres of life.


The journey has not only been an amazing reunion of the Magnificent Four, but it has also culminated into a double celebration, where the release of the 50th episode coincided with the listing of this blog ( by Feedspot among the 25 Best Indian Life Coach Blogs and Websites in 2024 at Number 4 position. Check out the link here:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!



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