The ABC Magic Potion of Creativity

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What if Creativity was a magic potion? All you needed to do was pour a spoonful into your brain daily and get going. Imagine the Creative syrup dissolving into your blood and veins and making its way to each organ of your body.

How would your life have been different? How would it intersect with your work? How would it restructure you as a human being? Moreover, how would it affect your day-to-day decisions and beliefs?

Never gave it much thought? Fret not!
The first belief we must smash is “Creativity is only needed at work.”

What about convincing a child to have a glass of milk by matching his thoughts and moulding your talks accordingly? What if you choose not to go on the highway or your way?

When we say, ‘Creativity is thinking outside the box,’ we fail to realize that we are boxing Creativity this way.

The unsaid rule is that Creativity is a multi-purpose Swiss military knife, which can be used to slice, chop, cut, split, and smash issues springing up in various spheres of your life.

Time to sprinkle the spiritual tadka!

As everything is energy and energy is everything, Creativity is also an energy zone we can keep tapping into. How?



Keep asking questions, not to others, but to yourself. One of the best questions to ask is- ‘WHAT IF’. E.g., WHAT IF I could do this task differently?
For example, what if there is another way out, and I never thought about it?
For example, what if this is true/false?
More questions can be a combination of open-ended and close-ended questions like-
• What is this situation telling/teaching me?
• What is it making me feel? (labelling the emotion)
• Where is this thought coming from? (checking origin)
Questions like these will be your oar to cross the ocean of self-discovery.


Breaking the rules is just tweaking the patterns. How?
• Changing the sequence of your book arrangement on the bookshelf opens your mind to think broader and expand the horizons of other possibilities for doing the same thing.
• Decorating your home/room the way you want. It helps you to visualize better.
• Changing the way you dress. It helps you to boost your exploring quotient.


You may challenge any habit, belief or routine. How?
• Picking a book that you generally don’t pick up.
• Watch a movie that you generally don’t watch.
• Talk to a total stranger.
• Go to a shopping store you have never been to. There is no need to buy things; just stroll around without screen time and observe.
• Meet a friend after a long time.

These seemingly small actions have a bigger impact on each step. Imbibe them in your routine, and let me know how you feel.

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