18 Powerful Beliefs of Excellence

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) makes certain presuppositions as its guiding force. These Beliefs of Excellence are convenient beliefs which, if you act as if they are true, they enable you to get better results for yourself and better results with other people whom you work with.

1. Everyone has a unique model of the world

Every individual has a unique combination of filters, with which he/she perceives the world. Hence every individual has a different model of the world.


2. Respect the other person’s model of the world

You may disagree with someone’s model of the world, but you need to respect that it’s different from yours, that it’s right for them. In doing so, you will be able to ensure a greater level of rapport and you will increase your chances of being able to assist them in coming up with a new and more empowering model that serves them better.


3. The map is not the territory

People respond to their own experiences, and not to reality. When someone describes their experience of life, those words are merely a representation of the model and not the actual experience itself. What they are describing is a completely filtered map of the actual land called reality.

This is why NLP is so powerful because it enables people to change their maps. Since what you are experiencing is not real anyways, you can use NLP processes to change your experience of the map in a way that works better for you.


4. People are not their behaviours

Irrespective of how someone is behaving, even if their behaviour may be destructive, inappropriate or damaging for themselves or for others, that is not who the person is. You are always more than your behaviours.

5. All behaviour is contextual

If you change the context of the behaviour, the meaning often will change.

6. All behaviour has a positive intention

Regardless of the inappropriateness or damaging nature of a behaviour, the highest level intention is always a positive one. To get someone to change an unwanted behaviour, they need to find other ways of getting the intention that the behaviour gives them, otherwise that behaviour won’t change.

7. The most reliable source of information about a person is their non-verbal communication

How they are behaving in the moment is much more important than what they are saying – especially while the person may tell you one thing, but their behaviour might be completely different and incongruent with what they are saying.


8. Everyone does the best they can with the resources they have

If people had better resources then they would behave differently. When you behave at your best, you are tapping into greater resources. When you are behaving at your worst, you aren’t tapping into as many resources as you would like to.


9. There are no unresourceful people only unresourceful states

If a person isn’t getting results that they want, it isn’t because they don’t have the resources. It’s because they are not in a state that is appropriate for them to access those resources.


10. Everyone has all the resources they need

It is not that we do not have the resources that we need in order to excel in life. The main concern is whether you are actually tapping into those resources fully and doing what you need to do or not. 

NLP helps you to tap into your complete potential and explore all the resources which are already there within you.


11. Meaning of the communication is in the response that you get

It doesn’t matter what you mean to say, what you intend to say, what you thought you said, what you thought you meant you said. The meaning of your communication is equal to the response that you get back from the other person.

12. Resistance in a person is a sign of lack of rapport

Whenever you get a resistance from any person, it is a sign that there is a lack of sufficient rapport either consciously or maybe even unconsciously. There is no such thing as a resistant person, only inflexible communicators.

To an NLP Practitioner, rapport isn’t something that just happens. It’s something you do. NLP teaches you powerful strategies to gain rapport.


13. You cannot not communicate

Communication is not limited to just verbal language. Even in silence, there is a strong element of communication. The non-verbal elements are equally important or at times even more important than the verbal components.


14. The person with the most flexibility of behaviour has the greatest influence on the outcome

NLP is about increasing your flexibility in the way you communicate and by increasing your flexibility, you dramatically increase the level of influence that you have over other people around you and on situations and circumstances.

15. All procedures should create choice and promote wholeness

All procedures must be designed to create choice and promote wholeness. All the techniques in NLP are designed to give yourself more choices in life and not to take them away.


16. Everyone is in charge of their Minds and therefore their Results

The results are ultimately the consequence of your beliefs and thought patterns. Your perceptions translate into your projections.


17. The mind and the body are part of the same system

Your psychology affects your physiology, and your physiology affects your psychology.


18. If someone can do it, anyone can do it.

This is the basis of modelling success. Once you find someone achieving the success, you realise that it is possible to achieve the success by you. With NLP, you can model your way to success.


NLP is not just a set of tools and techniques, NLP is a way of living that is guided by solid principles that come with their own processes to make you the person that you desire to be. To become an NLP Practitioner, get more details here: https://w3coach.com/events/

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