100 Days to the most fulfilling year yet

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23rd September 2014: What is the significance of this date?
If we take a look at the Calendar of 2014, we would realise that yesterday (22nd Sept) was the 265th day of the year 2014. Today, as I write my first blog, we have exactly 100 days for the year 2014 to pass by from our timeline.


265 days ago, on 1st January 2014, we all had noted down our goals and resolutions for the year. Friends, I am reaching to you with a sincere request to review your progress towards your goals and resolutions today. Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I on track in pursuit of my goals for the year?
In the last 265 days, did my path waver from my goals? If yes, do I need to make any course corrections?
What action steps should I take to ensure that I am moving in the direction of my goals?


I would like to share a very effective technique which I have shared with all my coaching participants –

A. Actions to be done right NOW:

Prepare a day-wise time-wise schedule of the activities you would be undertaking in the next 100 days.
Schedule only those activities which are value-added and eliminate activities which are non-value-added.


B. Actions to be done on a daily basis at the end of each day:

Review the day by comparing your scheduled (planned) day with your actual day. If your actual day has been exactly as per scheduled days, treat this as a motivation. If your actual day hasn’t been as scheduled, then introspect the variances and the reasons thereof. Identify learnings for improvement.

You may also want to re-adjust the schedule for next day based on any corrective actions to be taken for the previous day.
Please remember, we all have exactly 100 days to make 2014 the most fulfilling year and the best year of our life so far!!


PS: Thank you for visiting my first blog. As per my personal 100 day schedule, my complete website shall go live on 2nd October. Stay connected!

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  1. Nimesh Jhawar

    An amazing perspective at looking at one’s progress

    • Mehernosh Randeria

      Thank you Nimesh

  2. Chetan Shirol

    Very inspiring and motivating article.


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