Who are Your Silent Cheerleaders?

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Thoughtful Thought

“Awareness and reflection are two vital vitamins of growth. Nourish your mind wisely.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

“The truth is, people don’t stay the same. People either get better, or they get worse.” – Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP – Deletion

Deletion in NLP is ignoring/overlooking/skipping a certain aspect of a communication or information, because it doesn’t resonate with our thoughts, beliefs and experiences. It is like that toss, where just because you are seeing one side of the coin, you begin to assume that there is only one side.

The human mind is often hardwired to see only what it wants to see and hear what it wants to hear. It can also be called ‘filtered sensory experience’, which is both good and bad.

When it comes to challenging and crucial situations, deleting the much-needed info often drives the communication downhill. Many unresourceful patterns, unhelpful habit loops, and limiting beliefs are the result of ‘Deletion’ taking the driver’s seat on the ride called perception.

Examples: “I am sure they won’t get it”, “This newsletter will take you to the other side”

In the above-mentioned statements, some very important aspects are overlooked. Let’s see how to break such patterns by asking the right questions.

  1. Who are ‘they’ here?
  2. What part are they not getting?
  3. What is the other side about?

PS: Not all deletions are limiting. One needs to figure out which are empowering and which are not helping in holistic growth.

Meta-Magic – Who are your silent cheerleaders?

A highly popular restaurant, famous for its finger-licking breakfast, had the highest footfall compared to all other eateries in the locality. One day, a customer noticed a feeble, shabby man in tattered clothes, who devoured his breakfast amidst the crowd and sneaked out without paying the bill. The customer duly decided to inform the restaurant owner.

To his surprise, the owner mentioned that he already knew about him and said, “It is because of him that my restaurant gets the highest footfall in this locality!” This perplexed the customer. On probing more, the owner shared that he had received several complaints about this particular “free-rider” from other customers too. When he received the first complaint itself, the owner had chosen to observe the shabby man before reprimanding him. He found out that the free-rider is a beggar stationed in the nearby street, and was regularly eating at the restaurant without paying the bill. The owner disclosed – “I observed that this shabby man used to kneel to God and always pray for more crowd in the restaurant, so that he could sneak in secretly and eat. Fortunately, his prayer was heard every single day and the footfall kept on rising. My joy of having the highest number of customers is actually the outcome of that shabby man’s prayers. How can I charge him when I am indebted to him?”

Often in our joyous times, we tend to ignore/overlook people who are constantly praying for our success, even if it may be for their own ulterior motives.

My Question to you is: Do you recognise these silent cheerleaders and express gratitude to them?

Well, please consider this story as my token of gratitude to YOU who never misses to inhale this newsletter as much needed vitamin for life’s vitality.

Hook From The Book

“Being the light means turning your light on, so that you can be the light, not be their light. Only they can be their light. As you connect with your own light source, you then effortlessly light up the way for others to connect with theirs. Be The Lighthouse, Not the Electricity.” – Light is The New Black By Rebecca Campbell

Movie Motivation

Today’s featured dialogue is recommended by Amritaa Gupta Nair.

No alt text provided for this image

“Look beyond what you see” says Rafiki to Simba in The Lion King.

Sharing the words of Amritaa as to how this dialogue resonates with her:

“This is the reason why I loved the “Map is not the Territory” feature of NLP so much. I found myself believing that when we look beyond what we see (in others/situations), we deepen our understanding and hence get richer in experience.”

Once again let this be a reminder about what we conveniently choose to see and how we delete the information that we need to be giving a look at too.

Weekly Winning Post

What is the secret to prosperity?

Answer to last week’s Question of the Week

Last week I had asked you to notice any changes in the look and feel of this newsletter. I am amazed with your responses. Yes, it is the new W3 logo with the new brand colours.

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Please feel free to share what this logo represents to you.

See you soon in the next episode!

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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