Where Are You Looking For Your Peace?

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While writing the previous newsletter story ‘Jackpot for the Cracked Pot’, I realised that one cracked pot for me is understanding the technological aspect of scheduling these newsletters. There are times when the technological platform re-sends an earlier newsletter despite my having scheduled the next one. But guess what is the jackpot of this cracked pot? It is the awareness that I need to learn more on the technological front (I found the glitch and rectified it). Would love to know in your replies – What is your jackpot in the cracked pot?

Thoughtful Thought of the Week

If you don’t take a chance, you won’t stand a chance.”- Mehernosh Randeria.

NLP Quote Corner

Brains are not designed to get results; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works, you can go set your own directions. If you don’t then someone else will.”

Richard Bandler

One-Minute NLP

Reframing in NLP is actually about discovering the Jackpot within the Cracked Pot. In NLP, when you use reframing, you look at something with a different point of view. Reframing allows you to take a situation and derive a different interpretation.

Reframing is a technique that is useful in situations where you feel angry or powerless. The idea is to change the meaning of the situation, or see it from a different perspective, something that allows you to view it in a more empowering way – literally, putting it into a different frame.

For example, loss of a job may seem, at first thought, to be a bad thing to have happened. However, when you consider other aspects of the situation, you discover that you are now available for a better job or are open to explore a completely different kind of work that may allow you to be more creative and feel more fulfilled. You have an opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people. Your life may go off in a completely different direction that, when looked back upon years later, you see as a very good thing that happened to you.

In reframing, then, we change the view of a situation, taking the focus off the negative aspects and look for positive aspects to focus on. This sheds new light on the situation and enables us to make better decisions since we are focusing on the benefits. It also puts us in a better frame of mind which likely will eliminate our original anger and frustration.

A different situation elicits a different interpretation.

There’s a great quote related to ‘reframing’ that will help you remember to put this technique to work the next time you feel you need to judge something – “Remember, the reverse side has a reverse side, too.”


The owner of a coffee shop had been busy all day, serving an unending queue of customers. Towards the evening, he felt a splitting headache surfacing. Unable to bear it, he stepped out of the shop, leaving his staff to look after the sales.

He walked across the street to the pharmacy to buy himself a painkiller to relieve his headache. He swallowed the pill and felt relieved. As he was strolling out of the shop, he casually asked the salesgirl, “Where is the Chemist? He’s not at the cash counter today.” The girl replied, “Sir, he was having a splitting headache and said he was going across to your coffee shop. He said a cup of hot coffee would relieve him of his headache.”

Strange but true. The chemist relieves his headache by drinking coffee, while the coffee shop owner relieves his headache by taking a pill.

My question to you is: Where are you looking for your peace? Within yourself or outside yourself?

Hook From The Book

If you want followers, be someone worth following.- Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Movie Motivation

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Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” – Shawshank Redemption

Weekly Winner Posts

When you change your words, you change your world. This week’s highest interactive post is about how tweaking our words can have an impact in our life.

Change your words, Change your world.

See you next week

Please keep your replies pouring in, and please do let me know how you are liking the series – NLP Around You. See you soon next week.

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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