Jackpot for the Cracked Pot

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Over the years, I have realised that success is a shape-shifter. Sometimes, it is like that lightbulb that gets immediately lit up, and sometimes it is like that tube light that takes time to reach its zenith. “NLP Around You” – this newsletter series – has been my tube light success.

Thoughtful Thought of the Week

Make your story your glory”- Mehernosh Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours.

NLP Quote Corner

The truth is, that people don’t stay the same. People either get better, or they get worse.” –Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP

On the occasion of World Book Day, here is my book summary of one of the most popular books where Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders of NLP has not only simplified NLP but also explained various techniques that can be applied right away to literally GET THE LIFE YOU WANT!

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You can read the complete summary here on one of my earlier blogposts here

Book Summary

Get the Book here


A farmer used to fetch water every day in two mud pots which he used to tie on either end of a stick. While one pot was perfect and flawless, the other pot had a crack; so by the time, the farmer used to reach home, half of the water from the cracked pot used to leak away. This made the cracked pot ashamed of its imperfection, feeling like it was not doing its job as well as the perfect pot.

One day, the cracked pot poured his heart out to the farmer and expressed that it is of no use, and apologized that the farmer’s effort was going in vain.

The farmer told the cracked pot to notice the flowers on the way the next time they go to fetch the water. The cracked pot noticed the beautiful flowers and those gave him momentary relief. Once home, he felt sad again as half of the water had leaked.

When the farmer saw the cracked pot getting sad again, he said, “Maybe you failed to notice that the flowers which you saw on the road, were only at your side. I always knew about your crack and thus I had planted seeds on your side, so while returning, your water nourished the seeds and now all passersby can see the beauty of flowers on one side of the road.

Like the cracked pot, we might have our own flaws and imperfections, but my reminder here to you is – Please remember to discover the jackpots hidden in the cracked pots.

Hook from a Book

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in The Wonderland

Movie Motivation

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“Jitna bhi try karo bunny, life mein kuch na kuch toh chhutega hi. Isliye jahan hain, wahan ka maza lete hain” from yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Literally translated, “How much ever you try, something or the other will be missed in life. So let’s enjoy where we are.”

This simple conversation between the 2 characters in the movie reminds us to live in the present moment, rather than trying to be everywhere and living in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Weekly Winner Posts

This week’s highest liked post is actually a reel where I hand over a signed copy of my book to my friend and Sexuality Educator Niyatii N Shah

Watch the Reel here

See you next week

Please keep your replies pouring in, and please do let me know how you are liking the series – NLP Around You. See you soon next week.

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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