What Are You Carrying Within You?

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Presently as the Global NLP Summit is in progress as I write this, I am really excited to play a dual role – that of a Speaker as well as that of a Learner, continuing to learn from the Stalwarts in the field of NLP. Happy to share with you that my session on “NLP – The Secret Ingredient of Successful Relationships” has been rated as one of the sessions with the highest attendance.


Thoughtful Thought

“It is ok to diverge because ultimately it will all converge.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria


NLP Quote Corner

Understand the world from another’s point of view. Then, and only then, will you understand the meaning of love.”- John Grinder


One Minute NLP – What you hold on to is holding you!

In the recently released Indian movie “Merry Christmas”, a dialogue exchange between Katrina  Kaif and Vijay Setupati was a reminder of subconscious anchors in our mind.

Vijay shows her a ring he had kept for his lady love, who had passed away 7 years ago. When Katrina asks why he had still kept the ring, he replies – “Jab bhool jaunga, tab fek dunga.” (I will throw it away when I forget her.)

Katrina replied with a sleight of mouth pattern – “jab fek doge tab bhool jaoge.” (When you throw it away, you will forget her.)

The realisation I got as a result of this dialogue is that What you hold on to, is actually holding you.



Meta-Magic – What Are You Carrying Inside?

An Elephant and a Dog became pregnant simultaneously. Both being friends, they were elated as they would get more time to spend together this way.

Three months later, the Dog delivered six puppies, while there was no news from the Elephant’s side. Within few months, the Dog got pregnant again and delivered seven more pups. The Dog was puzzled and concerned about his friend Elephant as there was no news about delivery.

Time flew, and it had been 18 months so far since the Dog had delivered thrice and was waiting for the good news from the Elephant. Finally, it mustered up the courage and asked the Elephant, “My dear Elephant, are you sure you are pregnant?”

On getting a quizzical look from the Elephant, the Dog explained further, “It’s been 18 months, and we conceived together; I have delivered thrice, and I am concerned about what is taking you so long to deliver if you are pregnant?”

This time, the Elephant smiled and said, “Oh my dear Dog, I am carrying an Elephant within, not a Dog. For us, it takes two years to deliver one time.”

The Elephant added, “When my gigantic baby hits the ground, the Earth feels it. The whole forest and even humans watch in awe and admiration when it walks. It is not about how fast I deliver but about how gigantic and charismatic I deliver.”

If you are fretting over your desire not being fulfilled compared to others, remember to ask yourself- “What am I carrying inside me?” Big dreams take time to be delivered.

Hook From The Book

“Feeling good doesn’t just end with feeling good. It actually changes our patterns of thought and behaviour.” – Ali Abdaal, Feel Good Productivity 


Movie Motivation

“Sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station.” – This dialogue from the movie LunchBox somewhere connects to the Thoughtful Thought above. What appears to be divergent initially may ultimately converge to your final destination.

This Week’s Winning Post

The Communication Model of the Mind


Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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