Are You Trading Simplicity for Complexity?

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“Every setback is a feedback, which prepares you for a comeback.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“NLP is an attitude and a methodology, not the trail of techniques it leaves behind.” – Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP – Communication with Self

Let me ask you a question: In a typical day, How much of our communication happens with others as compared to the communication that we do with ourselves? Here I am not talking about whether you are in a job that involves interactions with others or working by yourself. Before we even say a word to someone else, our minds are buzzing with thoughts, interpretations, and meanings. It’s like having a constant dialogue going on inside our heads, created by our perceptions, beliefs, and ultimately, our reality. It’s as though we’re in constant conversation with ourselves, crafting narratives that influence how we experience the world around us. Consider a simple scenario: receiving an unexpected compliment from a colleague. While the external exchange may seem brief, our internal response can be a symphony of thoughts and emotions. Do we dismiss the compliment as insincere, or do we embrace it and feel a boost in confidence? Our internal dialogue not only colours our perception of the compliment but also shapes how we view ourselves and others. Similarly, in moments of conflict or uncertainty, our internal communication takes center stage. Before we voice our concerns or opinions to others, we’ve already engaged in a dialogue within ourselves, processing information, assigning meaning, and formulating responses. Understanding and harnessing this internal dialogue is key to effective communication, personal growth, and relationship dynamics. Becoming aware of this communication with your own self allows you to explore and refine this inner conversation, unlocking pathways to greater self-awareness, resilience, and authentic connection. By mastering the art of communicating with ourselves, we lay the foundation for more meaningful and fulfilling interactions with others.

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Meta Magic – Are you Trading Simplicity for Complexity?

Today was a day of sheer joy for Rajan, one where even the word “happiness” felt inadequate to capture his elation. It marked the long-awaited launch of the world-class car he had painstakingly designed for a prestigious brand. This was his moment to shine, his opportunity to showcase his engineering prowess to the world.

As the day unfolded, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. Yet, Rajan couldn’t shake off the nervous excitement as he watched the CEO take the car out for its inaugural test drive. However, his elation soon turned to dismay when they realized the car was an inch too tall to fit through the showroom entrance.

In an instant, Rajan’s heart sank. It felt like a blow to his dreams, shattering them into a million pieces. Amidst the chaos and disappointment, the team members started proposing some solutions. The paint technician suggested, “We can risk a scratch on the car while squeezing it out. Our team will immediately repaint it.” The Customer Support executive proposed breaking down the showroom entrance and then rebuilding it once the car had exited.

But amidst the confusion, a meek and hesitant voice from the chai vendor chipped in – “Sir, how about deflating the car’s tyres to decrease its height by an inch, allowing it to pass through the entrance unscathed?”

In that moment, amidst the tension and uncertainty, a sense of relief washed over everyone. It wasn’t about grand gestures or elaborate plans; it was about finding a simple solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. And in that moment, Rajan realized that sometimes, it’s the simplest ideas that carry the most weight.

Hook from the Book

“Lost is not a hopeless place to be. It is a place of patience, of waiting. Lost does not mean gone forever. Lost is a bridge between worlds, where the pain of our past can be transformed into power. You have always held the key to this special place, but now you are ready to unlock the door.” Evie Woods, The Lost Bookshop

Movie Motivation

“Pehle apni game baaki logon se unchi karo, Phir apni aawaaz unchi karna” (translated to “First raise your skill level in your game, then think of raising your voice”) This power packed line from the movie Chak De! India reminds us to work on ourselves, our skills, and our growth and first earn respect before demanding our expectations from the world.

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Transforming Your Communication Skills with NLP

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