Trust is a Two Way Street

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“Two things that never go out of fashion: Smiling eyes and generous heart.” – Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“You can teach a child the importance of pain by your behaviour. You can also teach a child the importance of no pain by your behaviour.” ― Milton Erickson

One Minute NLP – Mind Read

30-year-old Vaidehi was enjoying a leisurely afternoon with her mother during her first visit to her childhood home since her wedding. The duo basked in the winter sun’s warmth, relishing each other’s company.

As Vaidehi’s mother prepared to slice two apples for them to share, Vaidehi gestured to take both. She deftly cut into one apple and began savouring it. Just as her mother reached for the other apple, Vaidehi swiftly snatched it, slicing off a piece for herself.

This action puzzled her mother, prompting her to reflect on her daughter’s behaviour. She couldn’t help but question whether she had instilled the value of sharing in Vaidehi. Doubts about her own parenting surfaced as she contemplated, “Have I failed to teach her generosity?”

While her mother wrestled with these thoughts, Vaidehi interrupted, offering her a slice of the second apple, “Here you go ma. This one is sweeter and softer for you. I wanted to ensure you had the best one, so I tried both.”

At that moment, a single gesture shattered her mother’s question marks on her parenting.

In NLP, this phenomenon of jumping to conclusions without seeking clarification is known as “mind reading”. Whether your assumption is right or wrong, the point is that it was generated by you without them telling you anything about it. This may lead to disastrous misunderstandings and may hinder meaningful connections.

My question to you: In order to jump to your conclusions, what assumptions are you overlooking?

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Meta-Magic – Trust is a 2-way street

“Wow, Tina! You have the world’s most mouth-watering candies with you. Even my collection of exquisite marbles is nothing in front of these.” James exclaimed, still savouring one of the candies offered to him by Tina.

“Oh, Thank you, James. I really loved your collection of marbles too. But are you not comparing apples with oranges here?” Tina replied while chuckling.

“Hey, why don’t we exchange our stuff? We like each others’ stuff anyway.” James suggested with a sparkle in his eyes and hope reflecting in his gestures.

Tina agreed without hesitation, passing all her candies to James.

In return, James hideously kept one marble for himself, passing the rest to Tina.

Later that night, James found himself unable to sleep, wondering if Tina had also held onto some candies like he had kept one marble.

Tina, on the other hand, had a peaceful sleep that night.

My Question to you is: Are you doubting your partner’s 100% effort in the relationship just because you may have kept one marble back?

Hook From The Book

“Sometimes just to say your own truth out loud is enough to find others like you.” ― Matt Haig, The Midnight Library

Movie Motivation

“There’s nothing shameful in being a fool. But feeling proud of being a fool is shameful.” This quip from the movie Laapataa Ladies reminds us to be open about our limitations, reminding us to be humble in the knowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know.

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Mehernosh Randeria

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