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Trust you have begun to reflect upon the essential components of the anatomy of your wealth. Hope you have also discovered some intellectual wealth in the form of the newsletter archives shared last week.


Thoughtful Thought

“Worry is the virus that affects the software of imagination.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

“Brains are not designed to get results; They go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set the direction. If you don’t, then someone else will.”- Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP – Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is a technique used for accessing and enhancing positive mental and emotional states, based on the basic NLP concept of Anchoring. Here’s a short explanation of the process:

1. Identify a desired state: Begin by identifying a positive mental or emotional state that you want to enhance or access, such as confidence, calmness, motivation, or creativity.

2. Recall a specific memory: Think of a specific memory or experience when you felt the desired state strongly. It should be a vivid and positive memory that represents the state you want to access.

3. Enhance the memory: Immerse yourself in the memory and intensify the positive feelings associated with it. Pay attention to the sensory details, such as what you saw, heard, felt, or smelled during that experience.

4. Create a virtual circle on the floor: Imagine a circle on the floor that represents a physical boundary for your positive state. Visualize it clearly in your mind, specifying its color, texture, and size. The circle symbolizes the containment of your desired state.

5. Step into the circle: Mentally step into the virtual circle, bringing with you the intensified positive state from the memory. As you enter the circle, feel the state becoming even stronger and more present within the boundary.

6. Anchor the state with the circle: While standing inside the virtual circle, associate the positive state with the boundary itself. Absorb the empowering qualities of the circle, understanding that it supports and reinforces your desired state.

7. Step out and reset: Step out of the virtual circle, leaving the state contained within it. Take a moment to reset and let go of any tension or attachment to the state.

8. Reenter and reinforce: Repeat the process by mentally stepping back into the virtual circle, reconnecting with the positive state, and anchoring it with the boundary. Each time you reenter, focus on reinforcing and deepening the association between the circle and the desired state.

9. Access the state with the circle: Whenever you want to access or reinforce the positive state, imagine stepping into the virtual circle. Allow the circle to serve as a trigger, instantly evoking and amplifying the desired state within you.

The incorporation of a virtual circle on the floor adds a visual and spatial component to the Circle of Excellence technique, enhancing the sense of containment and support for the positive state you wish to access.



The Mount Serat monastery in Spain requires its disciples to commit to a strict discipline of silence. The only time they are allowed to speak is once in every two years, and that too,  only two words.

Jonah, a disciple, who had completed his first two years was invited to make his first two-word presentation. “Terrible Food”, he said. Two years later, when the invitation was extended again, Jonah said, “Lumpy bed”. Further two years down the line, he proclaimed “I quit”.

The master said, “I am not surprised. All you have done in the last six years was complain.”

My question to you is: “What if you were asked to describe your life in two words?”

Hook From the Book

“What sometimes feels like a trap is actually just a trick of the mind” – Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Movie Motivation

“I suppose in the end, the whole life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” – Life of Pi


Winning Post of the Week

Did you know that there are more approaches to positivity than just thinking positively? Check out this post.


Stay tuned for some more exciting updates next week. See you soon.

Thoughtfully yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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