Are You Thinking Smartly or Wisely

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Thoughtful Thought

The journey towards greatness lies in the 3. C’s- Calibration, Congruence and Celebration..”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours, 2nd Edition

NLP Quote Corner

“Truly the angels are come among us every day. Our difficulty is so often that in our vanity and worldliness we so utterly fail to recognise them for what they are.” ― Joseph O’Connor

One Minute NLP – Pacing and Leading

Are you fond of watching the Independence Day marching parade? It’s captivating to see everyone moving in perfect sync, almost as if connected by an invisible thread of rhythm. Have you ever pondered what makes it so mesmerizing?

The answer lies in a single word: synchronization.

Humans are inherently inclined towards matching and synchronization. Whether it’s the unity of a parade or the joy of discovering a fellow traveller from your hometown, we are wired to seek out common ground and move in tandem.

Effective communication shares similarities with a parade, where matching and pacing with your fellow conversationist are crucial. The only difference is that the matching and pacing in NLP is more of a mental process.

From ideas and beliefs to behaviours and words, mastering the Pacing & Leading technique in NLP can elevate your conversations to new heights of fluency.

Once you have established rapport through pacing by matching the other person’s non-verbal cues, such as breath rate or body language, you will be surprised to notice them following your subtle shifts.

In case they are not following you yet, it only means that you need to continue the mental parade for a while longer.

The guiding principle here is simple: “Meet them where they are, and then take them to where you want them to be.”

Meta-Magic – Are you thinking smartly or wisely?

“Oh what a wonderful day it had been. Had such a blast with all of you.” Rahul exclaimed joyously, stretching out.

“Shut up dude! Don’t you forget, we have a test tomorrow. What will we write?” Amit interjected, pacing back and forth in the dorm room.

Rahul, Amit, Jeevan and Manav were relishing the golden days of their lives: College days. They had partied hard today, leaving all worries about the upcoming test behind. But now, reality was creeping back, teasing them with its tongue out, as if to say, “Time for the ultimate challenge!!!”

“Oh come on! We might not be hard workers, but we are smart workers. Follow me; I’ve got a trick up my sleeve,” Whispered Manav, taking the baton of smartness in his hand.

The next day, the four of them arrived at the principal’s office enveloped in dirt. They admitted that they were not prepared for the exam as they had spent the whole night dragging their punctured car back to the hostel.

As they waited anxiously, they could hear their own heartbeats echoing in their ears. To their surprise, the principal ordered a re-test in three days. Filled with gratitude, they dove into studying for the retest.

On the day of the retest, each of them was placed in a separate room to take the test, but they didn’t mind because they had been given a chance to prepare well.

The test consisted of just two questions:

1) Your Name ____ (1 Point)

2) Which tire was flat? ____ (99 Points)

  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Left

My Question: When you are thinking of solutions, are you thinking smart or are you thinking wise?

Hook From The Book

“He was a man of black and white. And she was color. All the color he had.” ― Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove

Movie Motivation

“Jab log tumhare khilaaf bolne lage, samajh lo tarakki kar rahe ho.” Translated to “When you have a lot of critics, you should know you are going somewhere worth going.” This line from the movie Guru reminds us that even the most successful people were faced with severe criticism, but it was their resilience which ensured their success.

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