Recharge Your Life by Training your Mind

Wisdom is the guiding light that illuminates every corner by illuminating your mind. So through three different workshops, we shade light on various aspects for a successful and prosperous life.



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This workshop covers all organizational aspects of leadership viz. delegation, communication, influence, and persuasion. Structured meticulously to target areas of development in a corporate environment, it is an experience-based workshop with various activities stretched over two days meant for all levels of executives.

The workshop aims at guiding you on how to:

 Lead people and understand what they seek

 Align personal vision and organizational goals

 Enhance leadership and sharpen influence skills

 Improve team appreciation, moral, and performance

 Advance with reflection, refocus, and recharge

    This workshop focuses broadly on 6 elements of personal effectiveness from the corporate point of view – taking responsibility, outcome orientation, and prioritizing – time management, creating mutual benefits, communicating effectively, collaborative efforts, and continuous self-development.


    This workshop is designed to help you use elements of your personal influence in the corporate world. It focuses on the secrets of effectively leveraging your communication skills and tone, to build confidence, and create an impact.

    Being a part of this workshop will help you in:

     Effortlessly persuading people with power, poise, and polish

     Connecting with anyone, anywhere with confidence and conviction

     Understanding yourself better and taking responsibility for your actions

     Instilling trust in prospective customers through articulate messaging

     Enhancing your opportunities and getting clients to connect with you

      This workshop is powered with ideas and information to help you identify, influence, and inspire people. Once you are through this workshop you will find yourself communicating better, influencing deeply, and articulating emotionally to build trust and credibility.


      Half of your success rests on your ability to have a clear vision of what your goals are and how you intend to achieve them. This workshop guides on you how you can steadily focus a particular objective, visualize it, put it to action, and achieve it.

      Once you attend this workshop you will:

       Know what you seek and plan meticulously

       Succeed in visualizing and achieving your goals

       Be equipped to design your circle of perspective

       Manage your time smoothly

       Increase your productivity

      The workshop will leave you energized and focused to achieve stress-free productivity and confidently choose the right action at the right time. It’s time you take charge and design your destiny.


      Build your own destiny, create your own charisma, power-pack your own personal effectiveness.