Which Wife Will You Take Care of?

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Thoughtful Thought

“Mind is a meaning-making machine, and heart is an emotion-harvesting machine.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria


NLP Quote Corner

The only justification for the application of NLP patterns is the creation of choice and precisely in the context in which choice presently does not exist.”- John Grinder



“Memory is old and is afraid of new.”- Anonymous

Good memories are oxygen; they give life to passion. Bad memories are like fog; they blur your vision.

What is your sourest memory of having a misunderstanding or hurtful conversation?

In movie, “Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind”, there is a tool to erase memories so the person can let go of the past’s sour taste. But that was a movie, right?

Guess the good news?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming has its own way to do the same.

How often has it happened that you have advices for other people’s limbos in life, but when it comes to your own, you hear crickets?

What is it that makes us so resourceful for other’s rainy days, and when it comes to thunders in our lives, there are clouds of confusion?

“FLY ON THE WALL” is one of the processes of Perceptual Positions in NLP, where you re-look at the same incident with different and detached eyes, as if the whole incident were a movie for you. In literature, we often know it as ‘third person’s point of view’.

Although there is a structure of this process, but for now, all you can do is to step out of your mind, and enter into a stranger’s mind and re-watch your own narrative with different eyes. What do you see? What is this Fly’s reality?


Meta-Magic – Which Wife Would You Care For?

A wealthy merchant had four wives, and he loved them differently.

He fulfilled every wish of his 4th wife and adorned her as the most precious person in the world.

His 3rd wife was the most beautiful one; he wanted to show her off to the world as his arm candy, but he was always scared that his 3rd wife would run away with someone. 

His 2nd wife provided him with solutions whenever rainy days loomed over him.

His 1st wife was managing it all in the background. His well-being, home, business and cleanliness. However he was the most ignorant towards his 1st wife. 

With age came the times of illness, and the merchant was detected with a fatal disease.

“I have done so much for you, my love. Would you come with me to my deathbed as a payoff for all this love that I showered on you?” The merchant asked the most challenging question to each of his wives individually.

The 4th wife immediately ran away, listening to this question. Her unexpectedly dry gesture appalled him. He went to his 3rd wife in the hope of a true companion, but even the third one said she was helpless, and she opened her heart that after his demise, she would prefer marrying someone else. The merchant was crestfallen.

He went to his 2nd wife, and she said, “I cannot come with you to the deathbed, but all I can do is to make you reach your grave gracefully.” The merchant could not believe his ears. He spent his whole life putting all these 3 wives on a pedestal, and now, when the end came, none of them was ready to accompany him.

“I am ready to come with you even on your deathbed.” He heard his 1st wife’s voice; it was the first time he scanned her properly. Due to his ignorance and her submissive acceptance, she had grown meek and fragile. He was overwhelmed with guilt that he never did anything for his 1st wife, and despite all that, she offered to be with him.

We all have these four wives.

The 4th wife is our body, which we adore and fulfil every desire. Still, the body is the first to leave us on deathbed. The 3rd wife is our wealth and assets, which can quickly switch owners. The 2nd wife is your family and friends, who cannot go to deathbed with you but can make sure that you reach to your grave gracefully.

Can you guess who is the 1st wife?

The 1st wife represents our soul, which we often forget, neglect, ignore and take for granted while running the rat race to achieve our goals.

MY Question – Which wife would you choose to care for?


Hook From The Book

“Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is already home because she figured out a faster way to get things done.”
― Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson


Movie Motivation

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” – This line from the movie Usual Suspects is a reminder to introspect within ourselves as to what are our limiting thoughts and beliefs that we are not even consciously aware of. Aren’t these thoughts like the Devil who convinces the world that he doesn’t exist?


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Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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