Where are the Keys to Your Success

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One thing I am very sure of, while both learning & teaching NLP, is that no matter which walk of life you are from, no matter whether you are playing the role of vacationer, victim or volunteer, NLP Around You will keep whispering wisdom and will definitely become a song for your happy life.

Thoughtful Thought Of The Week

To listen is not to just hear. It is about being here.”- Mehernosh Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

Your responses to all life events are important than the events themselves.”- Virginia Satir

One Minute NLP


NLP is an attitude that has to do with curiosity, with wanting to know about things, wanting to be able to influence things, and wanting to be able to influence them in a way that’s worthwhile.”- Richard Bandler

NLP is the holistic tour in the garden of your mind, where with the right tools, we can sow the right seeds, nourish useful thoughts and grow dense trees of strength and resilience.

Right from the first step of knowing the difference between information, meaning and knowledge, NLP takes us towards the final destination of wisdom. Self-awareness is the soul of NLP and that’s what makes it an intriguing study.

From ‘What makes me do what I do?’ to ‘What makes me not do what I don’t do?’ to ‘What makes me do what I don’t want to do’ and finally discovering ‘How do I do and undo all of these unknowingly & knowingly?’ is like the hidden pandora box of insights.

To sum it up, NLP is the process of not just knowing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of every tiny choice in our life, but it is also a tool to dig deeper into ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘WHEN NOT’, and much much more… Keep the curiosity alive by joining the next NLP Foundation Weekend which is complimentary for you and your loved ones. You can register here for more details: www.learnnlp.in

Meta-Magic – Where are you Looking for your Keys to Success?

Here is a famous Mulla Nasrudin story – a typical blend of humour but with a profound metaphor.

A man is walking home late one night when he sees an anxious Mulla Nasrudin down on all fours, crawling on his hands and knees on the road, searching frantically under a streetlight for something on the ground.

“Mulla, what have you lost?” the passer-by asks.

“I am searching for my key,” Nasrudin says worriedly.

“I’ll help you look,” the man says and joins Mulla Nasrudin in the search. After a frantic and futile search for the lost key, the man asks Nasrudin, “Tell me Mulla, do you remember where exactly did you drop the key?”

Nasrudin waves his arm back toward the darkness and says, “Over there, in my house. I lost the key inside my house…” Shocked and exasperated, the passer-by jumps up and shouts at Mulla Nasrudin, “Then why are you searching for the key out here in the street?”

“Because there is more light here than inside my house,” Mulla Nasrudin answers nonchalantly.

My question to you is – Where are you looking for the keys to your happiness, to your success, to your life? We all have our keys within us, but how many of us have the courage to dig deeper within to find those keys?

Hook From The Book

Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

Movie Motivation

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“Main Apni Favourite Hoon!” Translation: “I am my own favourite!” The character of Geet in Jab We Met reminds us that love and appreciation for others first begins with self-love. When you love yourself, you radiant that love to the world around you too.

Winning Post of the Week:

This week’s winning post happens to be my recently updated mind map profile. This mind map reminds me that I will always continue to be a work-in-progress, as there are miles to go before I sleep.

Here is the mind map.

Missed the previous newsletter episodes? I shall share with you a way to access these next week. Stay tuned for more. See you soon!

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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