What Push Are You Waiting For?

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Thoughtful Thought

“The ride from ‘off-course’ to ‘ofcourse’ is known as self-discovery.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria


NLP Quote Corner

“The reason people have problems is that they have too much time to think.”- Richard Bandler


One Minute NLP – Association

Thanks for your response to my last week’s newsletter where I asked you this question – What do you think where can you use associated ways of recalling and where can you use dissociated ways of recalling?

Now that you know that the Association-based recall has more intense emotional experience than Dissociation-based recall, here is the way to utlise this awareness. 

The memories that are connected to pleasant or more empowering emotions can be recalled using the Association method. To recall a happy memory, experience it as if it is happening right now around you. The same method can be used also when you wish to recreate the emotions of confidence, high energy, courage, or even just peace and calm. These are the moments that we use when we wish to “anchor” these powerful states within us.

On the other hand, memories that are connected to unpleasant or more disempowering emotions can be processed using the Dissociation method, as if you were watching it like a movie. Examples of such memories may include past failures, moments of weakness, phobias or even trauma. While we may not ideally prefer to create such recall, sometimes we may choose to revisit these instances with the intention of imbibing some learnings for ourselves. The NLP process to cure phobias makes use of the dissociative method.


Meta- Magic – What Push are you waiting for?

A King was anxious about finding the right groom for his beautiful daughter, who would also be the right suitor to take the reins of his kingdom. On the behest of one of his courtiers, he announced a challenge – The Princess’ groom would be the one who successfully crosses the river full of crocodiles.

Though the news spread like a wild fire, no one was courageous enough to put their life at stake and cross the deadly river full of crocodiles. Yet, on the announced date, the whole village gathered to see who would have mustered up the courage.

Suddenly there was a splash in the water, and a Prince was seen crossing the river. He swam as frantically as he could and finally made it to the other end. Panting and puffing, he came out and was garlanded by the King who announced his victory.

The perplexed Prince finally spoke after some time. “Who pushed me inside?”

A saint who was standing there came forward smiling, “Son, it doesn’t matter who pushed you. What matters is that you were pushed for the right cause and you made it. If you hadn’t been pushed, you could not have made it the way you did.”

My Question to you is: In which areas of your life, are you waiting to be pushed?


Hook From The Book

“A situation in itself is neither happy nor unhappy. It’s only your response to it that causes your sorrow.”- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Palace of Illusions


Movie Motivation

“Where are you?” 


“What time is it?”


“What are you?”

“This moment.”

This conversation in the movie The Peaceful Warrior reminds us to be live in the present moment. 


This Week’s Winning Post

5 Top Secret Habits to Boost Intelligence


See you next week!


Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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