What a Cherry Blossom Can Teach Us

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The last 2 episodes would have allowed you to reflect on your sources of strength and power, which includes NLP Around You.

Thoughtful Thought

“Life is a tightrope, where rather than avoiding to fall, find your balance.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

“The currency of living is how you spend the moments of your life.”- Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP – 5 Principles to achieve a successful outcome

In NLP, a Goal or End-result is often referred to as an Outcome. Here are the 5 Principles to achieve a successful outcome.

1. Know Your Outcome Precisely

If your outcome/goal is not clear, it is not a goal, but just a desire. A well-defined goal is like a well-nourished body, infused with all the needed vitamins to live vitally. A clearly defined goal/outcome is not about knowing just “What” you want, but also “why” you want it and also “by when” you are going to accomplish it.

2. Be The Action Hero

If a goal without clarity is mal-nourishment, a goal without action is a body without oxygen. The actions you will take are just one side of it, but how much action to take every day and how much to delegate, and how to get going is where one needs to shed light on.

3. Sense Sensibly (have sensory acuity)

Notice the results you get from your actions. Are your actions taking you closer, or further away, from your goal? Consider knock-on and delayed effects as well as the obvious, immediate ones.

4. Be flexible

If what you have been doing isn’t working, do something else. If plan A is not working, choose plan B. Change plans, not goals. If a habit is not working, change the habit. If the environment is not conducive, tweak it. If your own identity is a roadblock, then modify it and add a new one. Do whatever it takes, till you make it a success. Have a 3D view of solutions.

5. Work from the psychology and the physiology of excellence

Mind and body are one system. Your breathing, posture and general physical state affect your thoughts and emotions. Get yourself into the best possible state – physically, emotionally, mentally – and then take action.

Meta- Magic – What can we learn from a cherry blossom?

The wisest monk of a village in the Himalayas was once approached by a young man, who was fed up and overwhelmed by the unpredicted tapestry of life and by the unforeseen events in life, and was now seeking peace.

“Oh, Wisest Monk! I have heard a lot about you. Could you please tell me how can I get peace?” Asked the young man with the warmest and humblest smile.

The monk asked the young man to take a walk with him. They both walked in silence while the young man kept his patience alive. After reaching under a gigantic cherry tree, the monk stopped. There were many cherry blossoms fallen on the ground. He picked one, held it closer, and smiled while looking at the young man.

“Oh young man! Tell me what can you learn about peace from this cherry blossom?” asked the monk. The young man was puzzled and said he never thought that a cherry blossom can teach something about peace and he waited for the monk’s answer.

“This cherry blossom is detached from its existence. It sprouts at its own pace and grace, and lightens up the beauty around it. When the right time comes, it surrenders to dwindle down without worrying or complaining, which allows the moment to sink in. Peace can be sought in graceful acceptance of things around us. Are you ready to be a cherry blossom now?”

The young man was speechless and after letting the insightful guidance sink in, he just nodded with a smile.

Hook From The Book

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” — The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Movie Motivation

Today’s movie motivation is contributed by Kadambari Singhania

No alt text provided for this image

“Arre beta… tum jaise talented bachche hote na… soda mein iss bubbles ki tarah hote hain… Woh aise hi upar aate hain, apne aap… unhe koi nahi rok sakta.” (translated as: Talented children like you, are like bubbles in soda, they come up by themselves, nobody can stop them.). This dialogue from Secret Superstar uses a wonderful metaphor to describe that talent cannot be suppressed, just like the bubbles in a soda.

And that’s yet another interesting example of finding magic in the mundane with the power of metaphors.

Blog of the Week:

On the occasion of Independence Day this week, here’s my latest blog on how you can release your inner freedom with NLP.


See you next week!

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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