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Get The Life You Want: The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with NLP

Richard Bandler believes that anyone can create the type of life they desire simply by applying NLP strategies, techniques, and truisms. In short, any negative behaviors you exhibit can be quickly changed. You simple model the actions, speech patterns, and mindset of people you would like to be like, while influencing and persuading others.

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9 Financial Lessons this Navratri

This Navratri let's reinforce the Nine Lessons of Financial Importance:   Day 1: Set a Stepping Stone by Setting Clear Financial Goals.   Day 2: Think Long Term when investing in Equities.   Day 3: Investing is Not about Buying or Selling but about...

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The Most Powerful Word – NO

While it is still very important to make sure we are clear what we want to say yes to it is equally important, if not more so, to be clear when to say no. Specifically the issue here is to be clear about what is important to us. Yes and no are equally viable and relevant answers in the appropriate circumstances – but may yield dramatically different results.

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7 Ways to Enhance Your Intuition

What makes us feel that some people have better intuition than others? And some people believe that they lack intuition all together. Your mind is constantly giving you feedback. You are either not receiving the message or you are misinterpreting the signs. When you...

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