The Ultimate Myth Busting Guide for NLP

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The best travel in the world is the travel within. Going on a World Tour is a goal of many, but how many of us think about taking a tour within ourselves. One may like the sea, beaches and mountains, but what about the mountains and valleys that our mind carries? How about doing a treasure hunt of our own selves so that next time when we look into the mirror, we are no more a stranger to ourselves.


The words sound dreamy, but there is a way to turn all these dreams to reality and that road is not only less travelled, but majorly mis-understood and under-estimated. The road is known as NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming.


NLP is a gateway to enter one’s own mind and its a holistic process to take a mindful tour of the garden inside the mind. Right from the first step of knowing the difference between information, meaning and knowledge, NLP takes us towards the final destination of Wisdom. Self-awareness is the soul of NLP and that’s what makes it an intriguing study.


From ‘Why do I do what I do?‘ to ‘Why don’t I do, what I should do?’ to ‘Why do I do what I don’t want to do?’ and finally discovering ‘HOW do I do and undo all of these with awareness?’ is like the hidden pandora box of insights.

As unbelievable as it may sound, NLP is the process of not just knowing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of every tiny choice in our life, but it is also a tool to dig deeper into ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘when not’.


To sum it up in one line – NLP is the flight that one can take to have a 3D look of one’s mind and with that, one can learn, un-learn and re-learn many aspects about one’s own self.


Wherever there is good, there are also doubts. So NLP too has not been spared and there are few myths, which are doing rounds in the world of scientific explanations and rudimentary thoughts. Here are some misunderstandings and myths about NLP.


Myth #1: NLP is needed for only demotivated people.

Motivation is like a bath for the mind and soul. It is needed daily. But NLP ensures that motivation should be intrinsic and long lasting through its sub-conscious tuning techniques. With refurbishing one’s inner narrative, NLP makes sure that motivation doesn’t remain as a daily need for body’s bath, but cleanses the sub-conscious to bathe soul permanently

Myth #2: NLP is about influence and influence stems from manipulation.

With the flood of perceptions in the world of idea wars on social media, no wonder that manipulation has been tainted as a dark skill to possess. But have you heard about witches doing good to people or the movie Bhootnath, where the ghost is a good ghost? Isn’t it important to focus on the usage than labelling the skill as good or bad? Manipulation is just a skill without label, which needs to be utilised in wise ways for cracking the deals in negotiation and NLP is the magic wand to manifest such manipulations.


Myth #3: NLP can be learnt from books

If this had been the case, then teachers would not be needed anywhere in the world. Just like map is not the territory, reading is not learning. Learning doesn’t happen when you gain knowledge. Learning happens when the knowledge is implemented and converted to wisdom. Having a coach, and that too the right one can help you unlock the full potential of NLP more efficiently and effectively than you would on your own.


Myth #4: The application of NLP is limited to therapy

Without any inhibitions or judgement about therapy, NLP empowers you to unlock your full potential, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve your goals in every area of personal as well as professional life. NLP can be the cherry on the cake, where the change begins from within, and as a result, radiating others to change.


So next time when someone raises a finger for NLP, be ready to give them hand to lead towards the other side of tunnel.

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  1. Santosh

    Very insightful thoughts as usual

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      Thank you


    A tour within, really wonderful ? place. I realized it.. only when I did the practioner n then masters NLP course from you. Thanks the way you have been guiding us all through it.

    • Mehernosh Randeria

      Thank you so much. Spread the magic by being the magician.


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