I attended this Neuro Linguistic Programming also called NLP workshop by Mehernosh Randeria. The way Mehernosh has conducted this workshop and the way he has managed to put the content across, and teach us how we can use this in our day to day life, in our work, in our trainings, in our personal life, and the way he took the right examples the right day to day, actual problems that we people had and then they were taken up as case studies – that was awesome for me. And the most important I liked in this training was he taught us how to use all these techniques covertly rather than proper theoretical procedural manner, and that is I think where the fluency and efficiency of any method comes…. The energy with which Mehernosh carried this out was really awesome. He just knows how to keep a hang on his audience and to keep his audience around completely in the now of the training, and that is what I loved a lot. I think if Mehernosh is conducting this training again, then you should not miss this opportunity.. When you actually attend the training, you would see what a difference he makes with his trainings on you. Make sure you are there.

Pavan BhattadSpeed Reading and Mind Maps TrainerPavan Bhattad Institute of Thinking LLPMumbai

Mehernosh is such a genuine person himself and he knows his subject so well, I knew I was in safe hands, I knew I was with somebody who will teach me the subject the way it should be taught, will teach me what I need to do in my field with it, and can guide me whenever I need to. Mehernosh knows this subject at the back of his hand. …. He is a walking NLP Practitioner Master Trainer… whatever you call him. He lives NLP. I am extremely happy with this workshop of 6 days, because it was not only theory – we did practical learnings, we tried, we tested, we saw how it works with each one of us – we were all from different professions and it worked brilliantly. Please.. if you are thinking of doing NLP, get in touch with Mehernosh and he is one of the best to do NLP with.

Niyatii N ShahSexuality Educator, Counselor and Parenting CoachAvertiMumbai

Mehernosh is a powerful trainer who combines wonderful articulation with indepth knowledge and charisma to deliver impactful training. He is set to emerge as one of the best trainers in the country in near future. His approach of W3 viz wisdom wealth and wellness is not only unique but holistic too.

Dr Amit NagpalStory TellingNew Delhi

I just attended the GTD – Getting Things Done training by Mehernosh and Arif. They did a great job. One single point that I wanted to attend this training was that I deal with 150 odd tasks a day, and from one task to another task I wanted my mind to be free, and I think they have done a great job as far as that is concerned. Thank you so much.

Maher DhamodiwalaFinancial ArtistsMumbai, India

I have just attended a training session on GTD. GTD stands for Getting Things Done. It is the World’s No. 1 Productivity System. It was invented by David Allen. After doing it, I feel a HUGE increase in my Personal Productivity. I think Mehernosh Randeria and Arif Vakil are the Best Trainers in GTD in the World. Contact them… NOW!

Dharmendra RaiMumbai's First MindMap TrainerMumbai, India

I came from Jalgaon to attend this workshop on GTD. I went through a lot of books from Jim Rohn and Michael Joseph, books on motivation, inspiration, but I think there was nothing to get things done on ground level. So I found it very very useful for me in my day to day life how to use all these principles in my life and to get the things done.

Sayed VaseemPharmaceuticals ProfessionalJalgaon, Aurangabad

Mehernosh has a 360 degree experience in Wellness coaching. Being a certified Life Coach, his approach is to facilitate growth of an individual holistically. His Neuro Linguistic Programming expertise helps him address the mental blocks of a client.

The third dimension comes in, in the form of his being a fitness trainer. A powerful combination that addresses the mind and body aspects of growth and wellness. I have attended his workshop where his insightful coaching helped me make a breakthrough and shift in mindset. His enthusiastic, engaging approach makes interaction with him fruitful.

Vijay NallawalaAuthor, StoryTelling and Branding CoachMumbai, India

Mehernosh is an inspirational coach, patient and very supportive. I really enjoyed my training with him.

Catherine RubioPersonal Trainer and Wellness CoachGibraltar, Spain

The Brainival Diploma program on Mind Mapping and Memory Techniques is an excellent course which helps to delve in the power of human memory. Mehernosh is authority on the subject and keeps session lively. The experience was excellent – an absolute value for money. I will use these skills to coach next generation and to train my children.

Amit ShenoyHead Treasury , Islamic Banking and Investment OperationsBMI Bank Bsc, Bahrain

This NLP Workshop by Anil Dagia and Mehernosh was just awesome. I just can’t express my feelings. If you really want to communicate effectively, whether it’s salesteam, corporates, trainers, anyone, I think this workshop is a must and it will really transform your lives, and you will see the difference you will make in your communication after this workshop.

Natasha AdvaniLife Coach & Trainer

I have attended the 7 days training program conducted by Anil and Mehernosh for NLP Certification alongwith ICF Accreditation. The training was awesome. I was completely bowled over with the way the training was conducted, and the knowledge and the facilitation that was imparted on the skills was very useful. I am very very confident now that I will be able to use this effectively in my day-to-day work and also in my coaching assignments.

Shyam IyerHead HRTata Power

I have recently done NLP and ICF Accredited Coaching with Anil Dagia and Mehernosh. It was exhilarating, fantastic, highly knowledge based, It has provided me with a lot of NLP tools and ICF coaching guidelines with it to really become a good life coach for CEOs, MDs or business heads. I will suggest that anyone who wants to be a life coach should do this training, and those want to get coached, please contact.

Mustan TambawalaCEO Coach

It was a great time to attend this training which was a combination of ICF accreditation and NLP Coaching. It was fantastic in terms of content and presentation by Anil and Mehernosh. I am sure this is going to benefit quite a lot for my personal development as well as my coaching assignments. It is going to be very very useful.

Shridhar AyyarHR Business PartnerLafarge Readymix

I did a wonderful NLP course 7 days with Anil Dagia and Mehernosh Randeria. Wonderful. Thank you Anil. Really learnt a lot today. Re-learnt all my sensory skills, wonderful training, and I want to do the Train The Trainer and Master Practitioner with you.

Zenobia KhodaijiLife Coach, NLP Trainer, Feng Shui Expert

Mehernosh delivered a very effective workshop which highlighted the key aspects to keep in mind while setting personal as well as professional goals. Since it was interactive, it kept the audience attentive throughout the session. Everyone loved the session and wanted more such workshops in the future. The duration & the content of the workshop were quite optimal for it to have the maximum impact.

Mihir ShethChiefMajorGainz

Mehernosh’s skill sets exceed that of a finance specialist with his tremendous networking skills and as an influencer of many senior executives as a Coach and guide.

Debashis MitraEx-Director, Sales & MarketingMercedes Benz

Mehernosh provided the management team with crisp advice that help the organisation grow 30% each year in a sound financial structure. His methodology, anticipation, sharp mind enabled us to take major steps ahead and strengthen our leadership edge. Mehernosh is a key asset.

Benoit LecuyerManaging DirectorHager IndiaMumbai

Mehernosh is a fantastic CFO with a highly accomplished background and deep understanding in Finance and Accounting. Additionally, his work is meticulous and thorough, very complete, and always on target to an optimum solution. A tireless worker and great teammate, his stature as a CFO would resonate across many industries.

Richard SpitzerFounder and CEOSpitzer Group

Mehernosh is a highly qualified and accomplished finance professional, who is not only cognizant of the big picture, he is also diligent about smaller details. He is gifted with an ability to clarify and simplify complicated scenarios, historical events, future projections, etc. into useful, actionable information. I found him to be conscientious, reliable and an ethical individual.

Pawan KapoorAsset Management and AcquisitionWestmont Hospitality Group

In addition to being a Finance man, Mehernosh is also a business man who knows that role of the Finance goes beyond mere culling the figures. He had the eye on the sustainable profit-oriented growth of the organisation without cutting the growth oriented expenditure, with the scissors in hand for non-productive expenditure.

Atul BorkarSales DirectorHafele IndiaMumbai

A true professional, Mehernosh possesses a unique skill of driving his point across with minimum words and maximum impact. A true mentor for his team, his management style was unique in itself and he always led from the front.

Rajesh AbhyankarPrincipal ConsultantRenaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt Ltd