In Love with NLP – a poetic tribute

by | Feb 14, 2023 | W3 Blog | 1 comment

In love with NLP, oh how it flows,
A language of the mind, where the heart glows.
A tool to unlock our hidden desires,
A way to conquer fears, and reach higher.

With every technique, I am falling more in love,
Discovering the power of language, from above.
Reframing negative thoughts, and turning them to gold,
NLP’s magic, in my heart, will forever hold.

It helps me to communicate, and understand,
The hidden meanings, that others have at hand.
It brings clarity, to every word we say,
And in relationships, it lights the way.

Oh NLP, you’ve opened up my mind,
And in my heart, your teachings I will bind.
For you’ve shown me, the beauty in words,
And the power of language, like never before heard.

So here’s to NLP, and the love I have found,
In this language of the mind, where beauty abounds.
For I am in love, with neuro linguistic programming,
And its power to change, our thoughts, and our living.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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