Have You Tossed Away The Warm Stone Too?

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Thank you for pouring your votes on last week’s poll – results are shared further in this episode. It is reassuring for me that I am playing the right music that mutually enhances our worth. I am filled with immense gratitude and this keeps me going to bring out a better newsletter every time.

Thoughtful Thought of the Week

When you focus on your core, you can do much more.”- Mehernosh Randeria, Thoughtfully Yours

NLP Quote Corner

The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make outside your head.”- Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP

We learn from patterned repetition. Ideally, we learn a task or behaviour that produces results supporting our goals. That is where behaviour modeling comes into play. The point is to create a useful map or model of the behaviour for the purpose of reproducing or copying it by anyone who may want to. By identifying the individual elements that make up the essence of the behaviour, in a practical sense a person can reproduce the desired response or outcome.

This is why athletes study other athletes in action. YouTube made a tremendous change in the availability of videos of athletes in action. If you are a tennis player wanting to maximize your serve, then watch videos of Serena Williams or Roger Federer. A tremendous amount of insight is available for athletes, dancers, runners, jockeys, and just about any activity you can think of.

Creating positive models for success helps us avoid non-productive elements that waste energy and time. Mapping is also very powerful for identifying communication habits working against the desired outcome. For example, a speaker pointing to the audience elicits a negative interpretation by pointing. However, if she would reach out to the audience with palms facing up, this conveys a more open, generous message.

You can read more about modeling in my article here:



A disciple came to Buddha and asked him for the secret of success. Buddha replied, “Will you do what I ask you to?” The disciple said yes as he was desperate to find the secret of success. Buddha told him to go to the seashore and check all the stones and bring back a stone that was warm.

The disciple followed the instructions and began checking all the stones at the seashore. He used to pick up every stone one by one, touch and check its temperature, and then eventually throw it back, as each happened to be a cold stone. He came again on the next day and repeated the process and returned back empty-handed. On the third day too, he did not get the warm stone. He picked up the last stone before departing home and threw it back, and then realised after throwing, that it was the warm stone. Once thrown back to the sea, finding it back would almost be impossible.

The disciple went to Buddha in dejection and told him what had conspired. Buddha smiled and said, “So my friend, you just learned the secret of success. It was in that missed chance, which you accidentally tossed off out of habit.”

My question to you is: Have you discovered your secret of success? Or have you accidentally tossed it away out of habit?

Hook from the Book

You don’t make a great museum by putting all the art in the world into a single room. That’s a warehouse. What makes a museum great is the stuff that is not on the walls. Someone says no. A curator is involved, making conscious decisions about what should stay and what should go. There’s an editing process. There is a lot more stuff off the walls than on the walls. The best is a sub-sub-subset of all the possibilities.” – Rework – Change The Way You Work, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Movie Motivation

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“What is Life? It depends on the Liver” This is the opening dialogue of the movie Andhadhun, which is also borrowed from William James’ quote: “Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.”

In the movie, the word “liver” is used as a Phonological Ambiguity (a language pattern discussed in NLP), where the liver could mean the organ or it could be the person who is living.

The message I would like to pass on here is that life depends on the person who is living it. How do you choose to live your life – in the Champion Mode or in the Victim Mode?

Weekly Winner Post:

The most popular post this week is the reel where I am handing over the autographed copy of my book Thoughtfully Yours to my book coach Heena M Shrivastava. Make sure to read the interesting caption.

Here is the reel.

Last Week’s Poll Results:

So here are the results of last week’s poll. I had asked which section of this newsletter is your favourite.

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The highest votes are in favour of Meta-Magic and then followed by Movie Motivation and One-Minute NLP

Thank you for pouring in your love and best wishes. Do feel free to invite your friends to join the newsletter on www.NLParoundyou.com

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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