Do you see yourself there before reaching there?

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Thoughtful Thought

Success is about walking the path forward not about worrying on potholes.” ― Dr Mehernosh J Randeria


NLP Quote Corner

It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” ― Tony Robbins


One Minute NLP – Open Frame

Have you tried changing the frame of an old photo to make it look all fresh? What if you could do the same with various situations in life? Well, NLP has another tool in its armoury to give you a magic spell and it is known as ‘FRAMES’. These frames shift our perspective and make us look at some issue with different eyes.

Open Frame is one of the frames which enables us to satiate our curiosity by asking questions or providing comments about the topic under discussion. It is like an open book, where you can flip to any page. It opens the horizons of opportunities for individuals to raise questions on whatever interests them.

This frame also boosts rapport building through the act of inclusion. Open frame empowers both sides of the party. It unfolds the unseen and unexplored through questions. For example: asking during a weekly team meeting “How was the week for you?”


Meta-Magic – Can You See Yourself Where You Want To Be?

A devoted disciple, Srini was in a dilemma when his archery mentor invited him once again to observe his bow practice. On one hand, his heart swelled with joy, knowing his master’s eagerness to impart every skill, having already asked Srini to accompany him countless times. On the other hand, his mind clashed with his heart, whispering rebellious thoughts – “What new will you learn today when you’ve witnessed it a hundred times before?”

Srini quietened his mind and followed his master’s lead. Upon arrival, the master set up his bow and arrow, placing a sunflower between the branches of a tree. “Hmm, so just the flower has changed this time,” Srini mused.

Suddenly, the master shifted gears, retrieving a black blindfold from his pocket and covering his eyes. Srini’s eyes sparkled in anticipation of witnessing his master’s grand performance.

The master took a deep breath and released the arrow from nearly 200 meters away. Serenity graced his face.

“My dear Srini, can you go and check whether the flower has been struck precisely?”

When Srini went, his heart sank as he could not spot any arrow on the flower. Breathing deeply, he scanned the entire tree meticulously, but the arrow was nowhere to be found. His mind raced with apprehension about revealing the truth to the master.

Upon returning to the master, he wondered how to convey that the arrow had missed its mark. The master waited, smiling, his eyes twinkling.

“My dear master, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I could not locate an arrow on the flower or the entire tree. I suspect you overshot it far ahead.” Srini’s voice softened to a murmur, not wanting to disappoint his master.

Srini assumed his answer would extinguish the shine in his master’s eyes, but to his surprise, the master’s face softened even more as if a mystery awaited unravelling.

“Master, I don’t understand. I thought you brought me here to witness the power of setting a goal and achieving it through self-belief?”

“Yes, Srini, you are correct. I wanted to show you the power of goal-setting. The number one lesson in goal-setting is this – if you cannot see your goal, you cannot attain it.”

My question: Do you see yourself there before reaching there?

Hook From The Book

“If you want to know the strength of a cloth, you inspect the quality of its weave. If you want to understand a person’s character, look closely at their interpersonal behaviour or their transactions.”
― Amish Tripathi, The Immortals of Meluha


Movie Motivation

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” When Albus Dumbledore speaks, the world remembers. This famous dialogue from Harry Potter series reminds us that life is not about the chances you miss, but the choices you make. While we have the ability to choose, that ability is of no use if we choose not to choose.


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How to Measure Success

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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