Do you know the Strength of your Weakness?

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Thoughtful Thought

“In order to fix ourselves, we have to find the order of fixing.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

“It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” – Tony Robbins

One Minute NLP – A powerful MCQ

How do you react when someone does something which is totally not aligned to what you expected them to do? Generally most people would get furious in such situations.

Now, how about being curious instead of being furious?

This is not about letting go of your expectations from the person, but rather being in the state of mind to curiously wonder what is it that is making that person behave in such a manner that is totally unexpected or uncalled for. To help you to integrate this thought process in your daily life, let me share with you my favourite MCQ – the Magical Curiosity Question.

The MCQ that you need to ask yourself in that moment is “What needs to happen in my life for me to think or behave like that?”

This powerful question, when processed with genuine curiosity about the other person’s model of the world, allows you to possibly see a different perspective and examine what kind of resourcefulness (or lack of it) that person is behaving from, or what could possibly be the positive intention of that behaviour if you could imagine yourself doing that behaviour.

I invite you to explore life with this MCQ, and share your experience with me.


“Dear Master, I am grateful that you accepted me with one arm, and I believe I have given all that I had to ace the Judo. It’s been three months under your guidance, and I await you to teach me the next move.” Asked Sui, a 10-year-old kid who had lost his left arm in an accident and, despite that, learnt Judo from his master.

“Yes, Sui, you have done wonders that even the ones with both hands cannot do. I am elated and proud to witness your journey. However, you don’t need to know any other move.” Master said this and smiled to give closure to their discussion. Sui could not ask for more and decided to trust the process.

After a few months, Sui performed in his first tournament. While his heart was racing fastest, he surprised himself by winning over 2 matches like a cakewalk. The third round was tricky, and Sui was not that hopeful. He kept buying time until the opponent got tired, and that’s when Sui used his only known move and won with flying colours again.

Sui had been at loggerheads in upcoming tournaments with more robust, sturdier and more experienced opponents. Still, none of that could stop Sui from winning every single time.

While the crowd was cheering, Sui’s mind had just one question echoing. While returning home with the master, he opened his heart and asked, “Master, How come I won every tournament by knowing just one move, that too against the ones who were masters like you?”

The master smiled,” Sui, you won because of 2 reasons. First, you aced the toughest move of judo. Second, to crack the agility of this move, the opponent has only one option, i.e. to attack your left arm, which you don’t have.”

My question to you is – What is the strength of your weakness?

Hook From The Book

“The driven, passionate ones give their best on ordinary days and that is why they are extraordinary.” ― Twinkle Khanna, Mrs Funnybones: She’s just like You and a lot like Me

Movie Motivation

“Zindagi jab muh pe darwaza bandh karti hai, tab  usey kholna nahi, todna padta hai” (translated to “When life shuts a door on your face, then instead of opening it, you need to break it”) This metaphorical line from the movie Ghoomer is a reminder that hardships are an opportunity to come up with more innovative solutions.

This Week’s Winning Post

Learn the unhelpful patterns to unlearn them

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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