Are You Letting The Bull Get Away?

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Thoughtful Thought

In order to invite knowledge as a guest, keep the doors of learning always open.”- Dr Mehernosh J Randeria

NLP Quote Corner

Wisdom comes from experience, but experience is not enough. Experience anticipated and experience revisited is the true source of wisdom.”- Richard Bandler

One Minute NLP – Submodalities

Imagine that you are watching a movie. The movie is playing on a big screen in front of you. The image is bright and clear, and the sound is loud and crisp. You are completely immersed in the movie, and you feel all of the emotions that the characters are feeling.

Now, imagine that you change certain elements of the movie, without actually changing the content of the movie.

– You make the image smaller and dimmer.

– You also turn down the sound.

The movie is still playing, but it is not as immersive as it was before. You are no longer feeling as much of the emotions that you could relate to earlier.

These properties of visual and audio effects of the movie are the things that make it real to you. They are the properties that make you feel the emotions of the characters. These properties are what we call as “Submodalities” in NLP. By changing the submodalities, you can change the way you experience the movie.

The same thing is true for our thoughts and feelings. All our thoughts are represented by one of these representational systems:

  • Visual: We see things in our mind’s eye.
  • Auditory: We hear things in our mind’s ear.
  • Kinesthetic: We feel things in our body.
  • Olfactory: We smell things in our mind’s nose.
  • Gustatory: We taste things in our mind’s mouth.
  • Digital: We think in words, numbers and logic.

Each of the above representational systems has its own submodalities. For example, some of the submodalities of the visual system include:

  • Color: Is the image black and white or in color?
  • Brightness: How bright is the image?
  • Size: How big is the image?
  • Location: Where is the image located in your mind’s eye?
  • Clarity: How clear is the image?
  • Movement: Is the image moving or still?

The submodalities of our thoughts and feelings are the things that make them real to us. They are the things that make us feel the emotions that we are feeling. By changing the submodalities of our thoughts and feelings, we can change the way we experience them. We can make them more positive or more negative, more intense or less intense. We can even make them disappear altogether.

Meta- Magic – Are You Letting The Bull Get Away?

Raghu, the village lad fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a wise old farmer. The farmer agreed to get Raghu married to his daughter, but he laid down one condition: “All you need to do is to catch the tail of any one of the three bulls in my herd. If you succeed in doing so, my daughter is all yours.”

On the day of the challenge, Raghu stood in the middle of the field and waited for the bulls to be released. The first bull appeared to be so big and ferocious, that Raghu turned and ran away, resolving to tackle the second bull.

The second bull was even bigger and more ferocious than the first, which scared Raghu even more, making him resolve to now catch the tail of the third bull.

Fortunately, the third bull was old and feeble. Raghu was relieved to see this, and he immediately set his pace and positioned himself in such a way that he could grab the bull’s tail, but alas! This bull had no tail!

My question to you is: Are you skipping chances before chances begin to skip you?

Hook From The Book

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” ― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Movie Motivation

This week’s Movie Motivation is contributed by Monika Shekhawat.

“Har team main bas ek hi gunda ho sakta hai, aur is team ka gunda main hoon” from the movie Chak De India. Translated to: “Every team has only one goon, and the goon of this team is Me.”

How Monika relates to this dialogue: I am the ruler of my life, no one else can dictate me what to do or not. Not influenced by negative comments or people who try to pull me down.

This Week’s Winning Post

What is Productivity according to you?

See you next week!

Thoughtfully Yours,

Mehernosh Randeria

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