9 Financial Lessons this Navratri

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This Navratri let’s reinforce the Nine Lessons of Financial Importance:


Day 1: Set a Stepping Stone by Setting Clear Financial Goals.


Day 2: Think Long Term when investing in Equities.


Day 3: Investing is Not about Buying or Selling but about Holding


Day 4: Diversify across Different Types of Mutual Funds and across different Asset Classes


Day 5: Annually Rebalance Your Portfolio


Day 6: Markets Move Up and Down; Don’t Time It


Day 7: Get An Expert to Keep an Eye on Your Investments


Day 8: Use SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) to Create a Steady Income


Day 9: Use SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to Benefit from the Power of Compounding


 Watch the video version here



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