13 Things to Let Go in order to Be Successful

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Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. I recently stumbled upon an article on CNBC, talking about 13 things you should give up if you want to be successful. The article doesn’t only talk about what to give up, but it also touches upon what practices and mindset to adopt in lieu of these 13 things.

Are you ready to let go of these 13 things?

1. Give up on an Unhealthy Lifestyle. Focus on a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

2. Give up the Short Term Mindset. Focus on those short term habits that result in the achievement of long term goals.

3. Give up on Playing Small. Unleash your true potential by taking newer and greater opportunities that allow your dreams to become realities.

4. Give up your Excuses. Take responsibility for your life and your results. Own your life because no one else will.

5. Give up the Fixed Mindset. Acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and change your perception so that it can benefit your life.

6. Give up Believing in the “Magic Bullet”. Make small continual improvements every day that compound over time to give the desired results.

7. Give up your Perfectionism. Get started first and then improvise. Version One is better than Version None.

8. Give up Multi-tasking. Be fully present and committed to one task at a time.

9. Give up your Need to Control Everything. Detach from the things you cannot control, and focus on the ones you can. The only thing you will be able to control is your attitude towards anything.

10. Give up on Saying YES to Distractions. Say NO to those tasks, activities and other demands that do not support your goals.

11. Give up the Toxic People. Spend time with people who are more accomplished than you.

12. Give up Your Need to be Liked. Remain authentic, improve and provide value every day.

13. Give up Your Dependency on Social Media and Television. Direct that time towards things that can enrich your life.

One of my usual practices is to create a mindmap of useful content. Mind Map is a powerful thinking tool, which also helps you to summarise content in a manner that facilitates recall. This mindmap would give you a quick snapshot of the above pointers.


Which were the top 3 out of these 13, that resonated with you the most? And which ones are the toughest for you to let go? Do comment and share below.

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